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KBCA Weekly Game and Season to Date Stats, Rankings, Game Scores

KBCA Game Stats Entry and Season to Date Totals


All the information given is used by the KBCA only for our use!!!

If you want the KBCA to know about your player(s) you will use this entry.   It is important for us to know the players that need to be honored!!    Our reps will monitor the players that are submitted each game all season and enter also their season to date totals in the text boxes supplied.   Enter stats for your players you know we need to track.  Not all your players.  The ones having a really good game or season.

After each game enter into the Stat Entry below and give your player(s) stats for each game played.  This will help the KBCA know who in the class is performing well and help in All State and All Star Game selection.  The date and opponent for the game will be needed.  Remember to move forward once you are in, the continue button is at the bottom of the page and when totals are in hit the review button (adjust if needed) then submit.

NOTE:  MaxPreps and other sites do not show up here.  You need to enter after each game.  These players stats will not be entered into MaxPreps by using this entry.

Sign in and get to reporting.

Thank You

Randy Walling

KBCA Director

Weekly Class Rankings 2022-23


Your KBCA  Class Reps would like your input each week throughout the season with the class rankings.

Each week on Saturday or by Sunday  8pm, please submit here online those rankings.

Please click on Register: KBCA Weekly Class Rankings  below  to enter the weekly rankings area.

Set up your account if you do not have one to log in.

You will enter your name and school each week when you submit rankings.

If you cannot complete a Top Ten list, simply place an "@" in the space so your rankings can be sent to your  class rep.

Thank you for your help in ranking your class

Your Pre-Season ranking to your class rep is due to them by  Saturday  Nov. 19,  2022.  We will have the pre-season ranking out after Thanksgiving.

During the season the dates below are the dates to have your class rankings to your rep. each week:

Sundays:(Dec. 2022 thru Feb. 2023)

 Dec. 4, 11, 18

Jan.  8, 15, 22, 29

Feb. 5, 12, 19

Do not forget to join the KBCA on the home page, while you are logged on.

Each weeks rankings are listed on the homepage.


Ex. Director


KBCA Score and Record Report


Please enter your game score and record below in the 

KBCA Score and Record Report Entry.

This helps the KBCA keep track of your team and your current record.

Use the "Continue" button or sign in at the bottom of the page.

Once you get in.

Thank You

Randy Walling