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Teams looking for Opponents: Hesston Boys; Hoxie Boys and Haven Girls tournament

Hesston boys looking for an opponent for Tuesday Jan. 25, 2022  or a date that can be mutually agreed upon.   Contact Hesston High  620-327-7111  or Matt Flaming at

Hoxie Boys team is needing to add a game this season.

Contact Coach Jake Moss - 785-675-1387


Haven Girls need an opponent for their tournament. Jan. 27-29

Contact Haven Schools.  Dwight Roper.




Berean Academy is looking for opponents for 2022-23.


Needed: One regular season game

Open dates for Elbing-Berean Academy are 12-13-22. and  12-20-22

They would try to make another date work if you are interested.

A Boys and Girls game is needed.



Their 56th annual basketball tournament in 2022-23 is needing two schools to join and make their tournament an 8 team tournament from 6 teams.  Girls teams only tournament.

Josh Brinkerhoff




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