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Kansas Basketball Class Rankings for 2022-23

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Below each week the KBCA will post its weekly rankings for each class.  The rankings come out every Tuesday around 12pm.


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Randy Walling

KBCA Ex. Director

"In Ted's Honor". Volumes

Volume 12

hank a veteran for their service - Happy belated Veterans Day.



  1. Coach Kirk Lehman, Defiance High School, OH; Retired 

  2. Coach Wayne Brooks, Woodlan High School, IN; Retired

  3. Coach April Cox, Eastern Greentown High School, IN


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Volume 11

Volume 11 Contributors:

  1. Coach Stacy Meyer, Greensburg High School, IN
    • Transition Offense Presentation
  2. Coach Tom Johnson, Wheeler HS, IN (Retired)
    • Secondary Break Options


"In Ted's Honor" - Volume 11


Volume 10

This week's X & O contributors:

1. Brian Earl, Cornell University; NY

2. Chad Ballenger, Hamilton Heights High School, IN

3. Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics, MA

Sidenotes Contributors:

1. Coach Dick Crowell, OH

2. Coach Wayne Brooks, IN

3. Pavle Veljkovic, Serbia


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Volume 7

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This week's coaching nuggets contributors are Mike McBride, Holy Cross College, IN; & Dave Boyce, Perrysburg HS, OH.


"In Ted's Honor" Volume 7 Link:


KBCA Hall of Fame 2022

KBCA College Coaches of the Year 2022

KBCA All State Teams Below for 2022

KBCA Basketball Class Rankings

Each week during the basketball season the KBCA will have our basketball rankings listed below on Tuesday of that week. 

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KBCA Scholarships 2021

KBCA Coaching Awards 2020-21


Coaches get your rosters, schedule, scores and stats on MaxPreps.

The KBCA uses them to help with our rankings.

The KBCA supports the use of MaxPreps and MaxPreps gives us the use of score banners for score reporting on our website.

Randy Walling

Executive Director


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